We are proud to host the British Open 2021.  This competition will comprise both the men's and women's events.  It is likely we will run two platforms to accommodate the number of entrants, though will endeavour to confirm the timetable as soon as possible.  


The event will be held over the weekend of 4-5 September 2021 at the Oasis Academy in Oldham, Greater Manchester.  The competition will be subject to the relevant Government guidelines.  The entry will open on 1 July 2021 via the British Powerlifting website. 

It is intended the British Open 2022 will be held during Q1 of 2022.

We will soon be posting a link to pre-order your competition t-shirts! 


Entry to this competition is subject to having achieved the relevant qualifying total (QT) and therefore, this is not a competition suitable for first time lifters.  

It is confirmed, by British Powerlifting, that totals achieved in 2019 can be used to enter this competition and the 2020/2021 QTs are here.

Please note, there are no exceptions to the qualifying procedure or totals. 

International selection

These championships will not be used for consideration when selecting the team for the World Classic 2021.  A separate criteria will apply and queries should be directed to the relevant Coach and/or British Powerlifting. 

The totals achieved at these championships will be considered when selecting a team for the European Classic 2021.   

The British Open 2022 will be used to determine international selection for 2022.  

Other national competitions in 2021

We recognise that this year is going to be extremely oversubscribed and quite probably very difficult to manage and meet the expectations of everyone.  There are other dates being added to the national calendar, as follows, which may peak your interest: 

English Bench Press Championships 12-13 June 2021 Milton Keynes
British Masters' Powerlifting Championships 24-25 July 2021 Moulton College, Northampton
Men's All England's Powerlifting Championships  31 July - 1 August 2021    Oasis Academy, Oldham
Women's All England's Powerlifting Championships    21-22 August 2021 Redbourne Upper School 
British Junior Powerlifting Championships 20-24 October 2021 Ashington

Divisional competitions

Please contact your respective divisions for any local opportunities to compete, using their websites/social media as the first point of contact.  Please bear with them/us as we navigate through the easing of restrictions.  It has proven difficult to confirm venues and predict what will happen.  


Please contact Kim Cowell at if you have any further queries.