Where do I start? 

The best place to start would be having a read of the info tab links on this website which detail the rules, etc.  A list of our competitions can be found here

What should I be lifting to enter? 

It doesn't matter.  There is no minimum requirement to enter a novice or a regional NWPL competition (save for invitationals).  You will be wholly supported whether there is 25kg or 250kg on the bar.  

Can I use my total in a divisional competition to qualify for national competitions or be considered for divisional invitationals? 

Yes, of course.  The English and British qualifying totals are in the info tab and you can simply cite the competition and your total when entering.  

Regarding divisional invitationals, the Roses Cup is selected each year on the top lifters from each category (men, women, masters, etc.) and invites to the NWPL Championships will go to the top 100 lifters of the division.  You totals/wilks will be included in the divisional rankings which will form the basis for selection.  

Can I check out some previous results? 

Of course.  All our competition results can be found via the corresponding links in the "Competitions" tab.  

Do I need to be a member of a federation? 

Yes, we are affiliated to British Powerlifting and you can apply for membership via their website.  You will receive your membership card usually within 7 working days.  The cost of membership is £40 for the year which runs from January to December.  

If you do not have your membership number at the time of entering a competition, please cite "pending" and follow up with an email upon receipt.  You will be required to show your membership card at weigh-in.  

Will I be drug tested?

Quite probably, yes. As a member of British Powerlifting, you should expect (and welcome) drug testing at every competition. In the North West, we have one of the highest testing rates in the country for in-competition testing and the highest rate of out-of-competition testing.

What kit do I need? 

The minimum requirement is a singlet and long socks (for deadlift).  We have prepared a guide which should answer all questions regarding competition kit.  

What other competitions can I do? 

You are able to enter any of our competitions (save for invitationals).  


How do I enter?

Over the past year, our competitions have been filling up within minutes so we have devised the following process to ensure fairness and promote the need for volunteering within your division.

Eight weeks out, entry will open at 9am on Saturday and close at midnight on Sunday.  Those wishing to lift will enter and pay as usual.  From the entries received, they will be sorted and confirmed in the following manner: 

1) Have you volunteered at any of the last 3 comps?  Volunteers get priority entry! 

2) How many NWPL competitions have you done this year.  People who have not yet competed will get highest priority.

3) How many competitions have you tried to get in but been rejected.

4) Random

PLEASE NOTE: All claims to have been rejected at an earlier comp or having volunteered WILL BE CHECKED. Anyone whose claims are not capable of being verified will have their entry rejected.

How will I know if I have been successful?

You will receive confirmation of entry by the Monday via email and invited to pay to secure your place.  

Which day will I lift on? 

Until we have confirmed entries, we are unable to confirm for certain which day you will lift on.  We appreciate that this can cause difficulties when people need to book time off work, etc. however it really does depend on how many people enter across the weight classes to ensure we can fit all lifters in and that the flights comprise legal numbers. 

What time is weigh-in?

Morning weigh-in usually opens at 8-8:30am and afternoon 12-1pm.  It will depend wholly on the number of entries received.  We endeavour to publish a timetable as soon as feasible following entry closure.  This happens three weeks before the competition.  

What if I am not going to make weight? 

You may change your nominated weight class up to midnight on Sunday 2 weeks before the competition.  Beyond that date, you are bound by your nominated weight class.  If you weight in over/under on the day, you may still lift however will do so as a guest. 

What can I do as a guest lifter? 

A guest lifter may put up a total which can be used to qualify for national championships and they may break records within the weight category in which they have weighed in however they will not place in the competition.

If you are a guest lifter from another division, i.e. a YNE lifter, you will not be able to break NW records.  It is at your division's discretion as to whether lifts outside of it are accepted as records so please check if this is important to you/your reason for entering a competition.

I am a novice, can I compete?  

Yes! We welcome all level of lifters and you will be accommodated accordingly.  If you have never competed before, you are classed as a novice and will compete in such division within the competition (at dedicated competitions).  

I did a bench only / push pull, does that count as a competition?


How can I get involved/volunteer? 

In the run up to each competition an announcement will be made regarding the volunteer team to enable the competition to run smoothly.  There will usually be a sign up form on each competition page.

The Exec. rely heavily on people coming forward to assist with the running of competitions.  A lot of work goes on behind the scenes in the run up to each competition.   If you are interested in getting involved with that aspect of the division, please get in touch with a member of the Exec to discuss further.  

How can I become a referee? 

Once you have been a member for two years, you may sit your referee exam.  Please contact a member of the Exec if you meet this criteria.  The division will pay your exam fee on the basis that you commit to referee at 2 competitions each year.  

If you have any specific questions, please submit it above.