Cumbria County Championships

13th August 2017

So we usually make the Cumbria lot (the real north westerners I’m sure they’d contend) travel all the way darn sarf here to Manchester or Liverpool way to compete in the NWPL; it seems only fair that once a year (or more maybe?) that we travel up their way to deepest, darkest Carlisle. It’s not quite “North of the Wall”, but it’s definitely past Winterfell.  

Thankfully, the trip to Barrie Mark’s gym was a good one, and well worth it for a great contest. Since it was a one day competition with girls and boys on the same day, there weren’t a HUGE number of entrants for each class, but by heck they all still gave it everything; as we always do here in the NWPL right?  

Beginning with the lightest in the women’s, the featherweight Chloe Dickinson of Ironwerx was the only competitor in the under 47kg class and unfortunately, due to failures on all three squats was unable to make a total for the day; though did make up for that by setting a new junior record in the bench press of 35kg.   

In the under 52kg class, the day was won by Danielle Firth of Crossfit Liverpool who managed to total 262.5kg and beating out her rival, Leanne Singleton from Northern Warrior. The 57s, like the 47s, managed to actually have no winner even though the frequently competing Beckie Hebson from Fighting Fit did total 297.5, she was lifting as a guest on the day which means she is unable to podium.

Moving up to the under 63kg class, Sharon Holmes of Carlisle Powerlifting club seemed able to make use of a little home ground advantage to beat guest lifter Jackie Day of Glasgow Powerlifting club with a total of 317.5kg and taking the M1 squat record in the weight class with a 3rd squat of 127.5kg. Well done Sharon!

The under 72kg class was more hotly contested with 5 entrants, but again competing in t’north helped Laura Parkinson of Carlisle Powerlifting club to win the day with a total of 305kg with her closest rival being Victoria Schmidt from Iain Martin - Strength Coach, totaling 290kg. 

Up and coming junior, Katie Yates won the under 84kg class with a fabulous 335kg total, taking the lead over the other entrant Netty Hall of Ulverston Health Club who totalled 267.5kg.

The biggest class of the day for the ladies was the 84+ with 6 competitors and was won in convincing fashion by our exec’s Jo Whiteley of Olympic Sport Gym. She managed total 432kg on the day which is an M1  NWPL total record and unofficial M1 total British Record. On the way to that, she also managed to set both open and M1 records in the squat and deadlift with 166kg and 186kg respectively. This admirable performance also gave her ladies lifter of the day with a wilks of 349.57. An honourable mention should definitely go to Lucy Jackson, also of Olympic, as she managed a clean sweep of junior records; taking 150kg squat, 75kg bench and 180kg deadlift which gave her a record total of 405kg.

Moving on to the boys, Carlisle Powerlifting club managed to win no fewer than 3 of the weight categories here too; they probably wish we went up that way more often! Starting with the 66kg class, this was taken by Danny Smith, of Carlisle Powerlifting club who finished with a highly respectable total of 450kg. Meanwhile the 74kg class was won by Chris Eaton with his of 447.5kg.

The 83kg class was ALMOST won by another Carlisle lifter, but was taken by a whisker by Ahmed Khadry. Both Ahmed and Stu Nicholson of Carlisle PLC totalled 575kg on the day, but by the narrowest of margins, Ahmed had weighed in at 100g less which gave him the win. Hard luck there Stu, I bet he was wishing he’d eaten just one or two less jelly babies earlier! In that class, there should also be a shout out to Adil Khan who was lifting as a guest, since he had not made weight for the 74kg class but totalled a mighty 602.5kg. His deadlift was 252.5kg which IF he had made the 74kg class would have snatched back his record from young Josh Wahlers. As it stands, Josh holds on to this ‘til another day, which is a nice early birthday present I’m sure!

Moving up to the 93s, Jimmy Nsouli who is a coach and lifter for the Carlisle Powerlifting club, took the win of the day at 567.5kg which saw him nicely ahead of Alex Hayes of Taylors Strength.

We saw a “powerhouse performance” from Arran Sullivan, lifting out of Powerhouse Whitehaven, totalling 650kg and taking best lifter of the day of the men with a wilks of 388.96 in the 105kg class. There were a number of records also taken through this class, 2nd placed man Wayne Phillips took a clean sweep of M2 records (meaning he is 50 or over…) with a 195kg squat, a 162.5kg bench and the best deadlift of the day at 260kg. This gave him the record total of 617.5kg.

The final two categories of the day were the 120kg and superheavies in the 120kg+ which were won by Ryan Dean of Carlisle Powerlifting club with a total of 650kg and Paul Willamson of Racksmiths with a total of 577.5kg respectively.

Overall a great day was had by all and we’d like to thank again Barrie Mark’s gym for hosting us, we look forward to coming back, and to all of the lifters (especially those not from Cumbria for travelling up!) for giving it their all as usual. We’ll leave the white walkers to you lot who stayed up there!

- Jon Wilkinson